Oh hey, I have a website!

I figured with the announcment of Starbound (a totally awesome game I'm contributing to!), I should probably actually update my website with some new art!


I've been drawing a lot over the past year and a half, and everything that was here before looked so gross and dated!


And I can't have that!


Here's a quick list of changes:

• Merged "original" and "fanart" galleries into a single "personal" gallery. I don't do much fanart anymore, so having it in a gallery by itself wouldn't do much good. :X


• Updated Commission information, and fixed the links page to make sure everything pointed somewhere.


• Replaced NEON GREEN with a nice, soothing teal.


Fingers crossed I can actually do monthly updates or something! But I have a link to my twitter and tumbler down below the news, where I will sometimes post sketches and WIPs! But I mostly just reblog pictures
of cats and other cute animals. :X

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