When you're giving me the description, please give me all of the following information:

• Gender
• Species (human, elf, etc)
• Skin/fur/eye colors
• Hair style and color
• Clothes, jewelry, accessories, etc
• Pose

• Background, if any


To send a commission request, please e-mail me to ask for a commission. I will NOT take commissions over an instant messenger.



By commissioning me, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:


I prefer all payments to be through paypal. If snailmail is your only method of payment, you MUST pay with a check or money order. I will only accept mail payments from the US and Canada.

All prices are in USD, and must be paid up front. Work will not begin until payment is received.


In the case of mailed payment, work will not start until I've received it and it has cleared with my bank. For orders that are over $100, I will take 50% up front, but I need the commission paid in full once you approve the sketch.


Commission Procedure:

Send in an email with your commission information. In order to commission me you need to have at least one image of the character, with color. I will accept text references, but please keep it short and to the point. I also accept photo references for things such as clothes/weapons/props. SL shots of your character are also okay, but ONLY if they are very clear, and you take it from many angles.


Once you have sent your request and we've discussed what you'd like, you must pay me in full up front, and I will add you to my waiting list (or commission batch, if it's not full already).


I'll email you your sketch once I've gotten to it, and at this point in time you must request any minor revisions. Once you have approved the sketch, I will continue on to colors.

Once I get the colors filled in, I'll send you a preview, and then you can make changes to the colors.


Please check the sketch and the colors thoroughly before approving them. If you approve it then I will continue as if it is exactly how you wanted it, and I will not make changes.



You are able to ask for changes to the sketch and colors. However, if you ask for excessive changes, there will be a fee.

Once you have approved of your sketch, you may not make any more changes to the pose or composition of the piece. Please review the sketch carefully before approving.


Same thing goes for the color preview. I will not make changes to the colors once you've approved them.


If you decide that you want a completely new pose, or a different character it counts as a resketch and you may be charged.


I do not make changes after a commission has been completed, unless it's something that I messed up on.


Waiting Lists:

I will have a waiting list open while I work on a current batch of commissions. When signing up for the waiting list, send me an email as if you are just asking for a commission. I will be going through the waiting list once I complete the current batch.


Please do not send money until I start on the new commission batch, as there may be a chance that you'll have a while to wait.


Permissions & Private Artworks:

I retain all rights to my art unless I state otherwise. This means that I can post it to my FA/DA accounts, website, and offer it in art CD's and books should I choose.


Please state ahead of time if you wish for your commission to be withheld from my galleries and my own personal use, as there will be a 20% fee charged. This does not mean you own the rights to the image.


You are allowed to post your commission in your gallery/blog/website, but it must be linked and credited back to me. You are also able to print the image, use it for a personal tattoo, or as a graphic in a personal website or blog layout. If you're using it on a website or blog layout, I must be visibly credited.


You aren't allowed to use it commercially, as I still own the rights unless discussed before I accept your commission. You may not sell t-shirts, prints, or any other items with the image on it. If you want the rights to your image, it will have to be discussed before I begin to work on your commission, as you need my permission in writing.



If you need a refund for whatever reason, then you need to ask for it before I've started your commission. If I've already started, then I will give you a partial refund based on how far along I am. I don' give refunds for pieces once they are complete. If you are unhappy with the piece, I have given you ample time to voice your concern.